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Dog Grooming

Passion, patience and attention to details

          All prices include taxes 

          All services include basic hygiene care

           Detangling supplement 20€/ ½h (estimate of the time given at arrival of the dog) 


          Reference sizes : Little dog (up to 7 kg), Average dog (up to 17 kg), Big dog (up to 32 kg), Very big dog (over 32 kg)


Take advantage of our low prices by opting for a formula!


“Even better than at home”

1 Night in a double room with your dog

1 day of dog sitting

Grooming of your dog (bath and brushing)  

      125 €

      50 € / additional dog, maximum 2 dogs / room


Réservez le service de toilettage par téléphone au (+33) 9 84 20 35 19.

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Tarifs bain poils ras
Tarifs bain poils mi-longs
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Tarifs coupe caniche peluche
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Tarifs épilation terrier
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