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Dog Grooming

Grooming is not just aesthetics, but real care for your companion

Trained in zoocosmetology, at the Villa, I only use quality, organic products made by a craftsman in France: Aromterrapet and labeled “One Voice” (respect for nature and animals) and adapted to each skin and each coat.

The grooming salon, adjoining the guest rooms, is open to all:

      Baths, brushings, hair removal, clipping, haircuts for all breeds, according to standards

      All services include "hygiene": nail cutting, cleaning of the pads, clearing of the genitals, cleaning of the ears and eyes

The small shop offers various items for Doggy: a few toys, but above all organic cosmetic products (shampoos, perfumes, care), as well as organic croquettes and sweets, from the same French craftsman:  “La Biscuiterie de Médor” ; all cosmetics also offer the possibility of being personalized according to the characteristics and / or skin problems of your dog, for tailor-made care. On site, we can order the item you need from the catalog for you.

Make him happy ...

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More details for dog grooming and prices here...


Book the grooming service by phone at (+33) 9 84 20 35 19.

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